Shapes & colors bubble games for toddler kids Free App Reviews

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nice game.

A really cute and nice game. Therefore they learn those shapes fast! The books are annoying but you can turn them off.


This game is very addicting love it! My favorite part? The whistling in the music Love love lovel

Toddlers cant use this:

Every other button takes you to in-app purchases or the App Store. Not suitable for toddlers, as they cant play it without getting stuck at the App Store over and over.

This app is great

Best educational game ever! It helps children learn different things and improve their skills before or while going to preschool. It is a great educational game and would definitely recommend it to parents!

Funny app

My son is using it. He is interested in it. It is both relax and learn. Thanks the production.

My son loves this game

My son loves this app but you need to by the full version to have all the fun

Nice game

This is an interesting game for kids. Great graphics and nice sounds, simple UI and amazing gameplay. There are lots of contents that keep your kids busy while learning and having fun.

This is really amazing

This game is suitable for kids. The tasks are obviously simple, and fun. The most important thing is that the game will help children improve their skills and knowledge and having fun.

Great kids game

Lots of fun to play, my kids cant stop playing it! This is definitely designed for easy navigation and exploration for kids.

This game is so amazing

Very educational game for children that will keep them entertained while learning! Easy to play and navigate for children, and the contents are useful and effective. Thanks!

Works great

My children play this game every day and it works perfectly. I think this game is very useful to help my children to memorize and developing many skills that they will need in school.

This is so much fun

My daughter loves this game! The gameplay is just right for her and she is always asking to play it. She is completely addicted to this game.

Absolutely adore this game

Really well done game for kids! My nephew can barely sit still for a minute and he was hooked playing this game for a long time! He loves animals and puzzles about them. Nice graphics and FUN gameplay for kids

Nice app

A very well educational app for preschoolers. Recommend it!!!!!!!

Not free

Misleading not free. Only let you play 2 levels and everything else you have to pay. It frustrated my toddler rather than educate. I dont recommend


Great game! My son loves it. Very easy to navigate:) well worth the 2.99 to unlock all the games and levels.

Kids Love It!

There is really a ton of stuff here in a bunch of different categories. My kids love playing the PLAY mode and it seems to be helping with learning letters. Worth a download!

Bad app

My child does not like this app it goes nowhere every time he plays he asking what does this do all I can do is pop bubbles and it says the name of a color that is not the actual color .... Very bad to teach a kid colors

fun & educational

Wonderful, bright app full of bubbles. Has a simple, appealing interface. Very easy to use for children.


This app is indeed very bubbly! My children were totally thrilled popping the bubbles. Engaging learning experience!

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